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How To Choose The Right Fountain For Your Garden

Adding a fountain to your garden, not only enhances the visual appeal of your garden but also evokes the senses. The sound of babbling water and the sight of a flowing stream of water ignites the inner consciousness of the human mind, bringing serenity and tranquility to the surroundings. While choosing a fountain for your garden, there are many factors to consider like size, cost, and material, among other things. Let’s look at each one of these factors in detail so that you can make a more defined decision while constructing your fountain

Size Does Matter

Before you embark on choosing your fountain, make sure you have the dimensions of your garden space. You don’t want to end up with an oversized or undersized, insignificant fountain piece. It is essential to draw up a fountain that is proportionate to the size of your garden. 


The design of your fountain is purely a personal choice. However, you might want to consider certain external factors before you zero in on a particular fountain design. For example, if you are going to use your garden space as an entertainment venue then you might want a small water feature with the sound of smooth flowing water. This way, the sound of flowing fountain water may not drown the voices of your interacting guests. On the other hand, if you want to overshadow unwanted background sounds like traffic noise, you can consider a more powerful fountain with greater flow of water. 

For an accurate decision on the right fountain design for your garden, you may want to consider calling professional landscaping experts like Natural waterfalls and Landscaping for all your fountain installation works. Natural Waterfalls and Landscaping is considered as one of the top waterfalls and natural landscaping companies in Qatar. 

Material of Fountain Piece

Choosing the right material for your fountain is another important decision. It is important to know what type of stone or material your fountain is made up of. This is because the constant flow of water can erode certain materials faster than others. Also, since fountains are located outside, you must consider the influence of harsh weather conditions on the material of the fountain. Stone fountains are the most durable when it comes to fountain material. You can also choose metal fountains that work well too. 

Fountain Location

Fountains can be located anywhere in the garden. You can choose to place your fountain in the middle of the garden, in the corner or against a wall. Where you choose to place your fountain will also influence the design of your fountain. If you intend to place your fountain against a wall, you might want to choose a fountain that is square in shape rather than a round one. 


Ease of maintenance is an important factor to consider before you choose a fountain piece for your garden. Different materials require different levels of maintenance. If you want a low maintenance fountain you can choose a fountain piece that is made of metal. Stone fountains on the other hand are more aesthetically appealing but require more maintenance and upkeep than metal fountains. 


You must consider the amount you are willing to keep aside for setting up your fountain. The cost of fountain pieces vary from low to high budget pieces. Think about your budget and design your fountain accordingly. 

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Reasons Why Pondless Waterfalls May Be Right For You

Before we look into the top reasons for opting for a pondless waterfall, let’s get an idea of what exactly are pondless waterfalls.

Pondless waterfalls are waterfalls that don’t end up in a pool of water, but instead re-circulates the water from the waterfall or stream. They usually work through a water pump that pumps the water from an underground reservoir.  

So, why are pondless waterfalls often the choice, when it comes to landscaping your property with water features? Here are some of the reasons why pondless waterfalls may be right for you.

Low Maintenance Cost

Ponds are considered more expensive to maintain because of the large reservoir of water that demands constant cleaning. Ponds, if not cleaned, can be hotbeds for breeding mosquitoes. Also, fallen debris in ponds, like dry leaves and twigs can look visually unappealing if not cleaned often. 

On the other hand, a pondless waterfall gives you the benefit of a waterfall but without the high cost of maintaining the water pond. 

Ponds are often filled with aquatic animals and fishes for beautification. In such cases, significant amounts will have to be spent regularly on cleaning the pond and feeding the aquatic animals and fishes. Pondless waterfalls cannot support aquatic life and therefore eliminates this expenditure totally.


Without a pond of water, you eliminate all its risks. Ponds can be dangerous especially for toddlers and young children. It is possible for small children to drown in even a few inches of water. Without a pond of water, you eliminate all the risks associated with it.

Cost Effective

Designing and constructing a pond can be an expensive task. The cost of labour and materials used can sometimes skyrocket and go beyond budget. Pondless waterfalls are more cost effective and easier to maintain. 

Space Efficient

Pondless waterfalls can be constructed even when space is a constraint. You can have the look, sound and feel of a water feature without giving much thought to the space availability. It is possible to fit a pondless waterfall in a small corner of your property. Pondless waterfalls can be constructed in minimal spaces unlike pond waterfalls which occupy larger spaces.

All The Advantage Of A Water Feature Without Its Hassles

A pondless waterfall gives you all the advantages of a water feature like aesthetic beauty, calming sound of flowing water, and the cooling effect of a waterfall. At the same time, it eliminates the hassles of maintaining a pond like cleanliness, safety and restricted space. Regarded as one of the top companies for landscaping in Qatar, Natural Waterfalls and Landscaping provides the most versatile choices when it comes to designing, constructing and maintaining pondless waterfalls. 


The best part of pondless waterfalls is that it allows you to change your mind anytime in the future. Bored of your simple pondless waterfall landscape? Want to add in a pond for a change? Yes, it is possible. Pondless waterfalls are flexible that way. You can add a pond anytime in the future. Unlike pond waterfalls, where it is difficult to conceal or close the pond after it is constructed.

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Tips For Creating Pond Waterfalls

Landscaping your yard or garden with a pond waterfall can add great value to your property. Let’s look at some of the reasons you must invest in a pond waterfall for your property.

  • Adds aesthetic value to the property
  • Engages the visual senses
  • Offers a calming and soothing sound of running water
  • Moving water prevents breeding of mosquitoes in the pond and adds oxygen to the pond

Constructing a pond waterfall can be a long and complex procedure. You may wish to construct one on your own or call professional experts like Natural Waterfalls and Landscaping to construct the most exquisite and eye-catching pond waterfall.

There are certain factors that you must consider before you invest in the construction of a pond waterfall on your property. Here are a few tips for creating a pond waterfall.

Consider The Natural Topography Of The Land

Before you set out to construct your water body, you must be well aware of the topography and contour of the land. The elevation, slope and depth of excavation must all be taken into account before the construction process begins. You definitely don’t want to be left in the lurch halfway through the construction work. Therefore, it is necessary to consider all these factors before you begin your work.


The pond dimensions is another important factor that must be considered before creating a pond waterfall. A very small pond may look insignificant and may not be worth the effort. While on the other hand, a pond that is too big may not aesthetically blend with the surroundings. Finding the perfect dimension for your pond waterfall is the key to creating the perfect visual grandeur. 


The dimensions of the pond go hand in hand with the type or style of your pond waterfall. You may want to choose a style that blends with the building architecture. 


An important tip for creating a pond waterfall is to select the materials required. Once you have picked out the perfect location and dimensions of your pond, gather all the materials required for the construction. You may use a blend of artificial as well as natural features like rocks and pebbles for the construction.

Water pump

One of the most important parts of constructing a pond waterfall is to select the right water pump for your water body. Select a water pump that is powerful enough for your water feature. 

Lighting And Ornamental Decoration

Nothing makes a pond waterfall look more attractive than perfect lighting. While designing your pond waterfall remember to select waterproof LED lighting fixtures for lighting underwater. You can choose white light or warm yellow lights depending on the building and surroundings. 

Choose appropriate ornamental decorations like statues or tall plants and grass.

Aquatic Pond Animals

This will probably be the last errand to complete before your pond waterfall is ready. It is advisable to do thorough research on the type of pond animals you wish to put in your pond. Be aware of large birds swooping down to catch their meal from your pond. At Natural Waterfalls and Landscaping we offer expert advice and services on pond waterfalls construction and maintenance. 

Keep Your Pond Safe And Secure

Last but not the least make certain that your pond waterfall is safe for children and adults. You never know who you may attract with your beautiful and newly constructed pond waterfall. Always secure the perimeter of the pond waterfall to be on the safer side

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How To Make Your Water Feature Look More Natural

Water features in your home not only enhance the aesthetic beauty of the property but also has a soothing effect on the body. It has a positive impact on the environment and also raises the value of the property.

Water is a natural element and including this natural element on your property can have many encouraging effects on the mind, body and soul. Architecturally designed artificial water bodies can look more natural when planned and fashioned correctly.  Hiring one of the best landscaping experts in Qatar like Natural Waterfalls and Landscaping is the best option. 

Here Are A Few Tips That Can Help You Make Your Feature Look More Natural

Planning Ahead

Before you set out to place a water feature in your garden, always remember to plan ahead. There are many factors that can affect water features such as ponds and waterfalls. For instance, soil composition, depth of pond, water sources etc are some of the factors that must be considered before designing your water feature. 

Layout Of The Pond

When designing ponds, you must design it in such a way that it offers room for different plants to grow and thrive. Research about the different types of plants and the areas in a pond that best suits its growth. A pond will look more natural if you allow nature to take its course. For example, plants like Cannas grow better at the edges of the ponds whereas water lilies grow well with depth. 

Go With Irregular Shapes

The best part about nature is that its beauty lies in its irregularity. To make your water feature look more natural, it is best to design irregular shapes and not geometrically designed shapes with proportional sides

Rock That Garden

Placing pebbles, rocks and small boulders can give a natural and appealing look to your garden and water feature. Again, irregular shapes and colour of pebbles can make the water feature more attractive. 

Something Fishy

For a more natural look, add some bright and exotic species of fish and other aquatic animals. These along with a rich variety of aquatic plants will keep the ecosystem thriving and give an extravagant look to the place. 

Go Slow On The Paint

Many times paints and colours may be used to create your garden or water feature. Remember to keep it as natural as possible by using the colours of nature and the surroundings. Try to avoid using loud colours that may destroy the natural look.  

It’s All In The Lights

Although lighting itself is an artificial attachment to your water feature, it is something you cannot do without. Therefore, it is best to keep the lighting as natural as possible by going in for dull yellow finish lights rather than white and bright lights. 

Water features like ponds and waterfalls add pristine beauty to your property. Keeping it as natural as possible is an art. 

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Reasons Why You Should Clean the Pond Regularly

Architecturally designed water features like pond or pondless waterfalls deserve a special place in a beautiful home. It not only makes the yard look bigger but also provides a serene feeling to the atmosphere. Cleaning these water features is an important aspect of maintaining them. 

There are several reasons why you should clean water features regularly. Hiring professional experts like Natural Waterfalls and Landscaping to regularly clean and maintain water bodies is an advised option. Here is a quick glance into the reasons why you must regularly maintain these designed water bodies

Change in Weather Conditions

A change in weather most evidently brings about changes in the water. Harsh winds, scorching sunlight and dust storms can result in a collection of silt and other sediments in the water. These deposits must be cleaned regularly to keep the water pristine and clear. 

Healthier Aquatic Life

Your ponds may have the most vibrant and colourful species of fish and other beautiful aquatic animals. Cleaning your pond regularly ensures that your precious fish are taken care of. 

Also, timely cleaning out of dead fish from ponds is necessary to avoid the release of toxic substances into the water. This may endanger the life of the other fish.

Enhances the Beauty

A clean pond or pondless waterfall always looks better than an unclean one. Regularly cleaning and maintenance of water features by professional experts like Natural Waterfalls and Landscaping can ensure a more beautiful and appealing yard. 

Healthier Environment

A clean pond ensures a healthier environment. Keeping a pond or water feature unclean for long periods will result in the growth of unwanted weeds, algae and other fungi and moulds. Unclean ponds can also be a breeding ground for mosquitoes, flies, bacteria and germs. 

Regular cleaning of water bodies will rid the environment of these harmful health hazards. 

Maintenance of Aquatic Plants

Aquatic plants also need maintenance. Many aquatic plants tend to grow wild if not tended to. Regularly pruning aquatic plants will make them look healthier and more beautiful. 

Keeping Costs Low

Regularly cleaning water bodies can bring down costs of maintenance drastically.  Keeping ponds or pondless waterfalls unattended for long periods can result in an expensive affair. 

What Natural Waterfalls and Landscaping can do for you?

A beautiful water feature in your home requires the best possible care. We at Natural Waterfall and Landscaping offer your just that and much more. 

  • Aquatic plant care
  • Desilting
  • Water Pump cleaning and maintenance
  • Cleaning of filtration systems
  • Seasonal protective care
  • Water lighting etc.