Natural Waterfalls has tied up with a Ukrainian creative team of landscape designers who have 18 years of experience and have successfully completed more than 500 projects Landscaping projects. Our main target is to ensure harmony between human and nature to create a stylish and unique landscapes.
We optimize space for convenient maintenance that will significantly save your cost in the future. Our team has 18 years of experience in:

victor 2 1

Victor Mazenkov

Chief specialist in communications,
 watering and water  bodies

tatyana 2 1

Tatyana Mazenkova

Landscape designer, Specialist in landscaping and plant care

adrian2 1

Adrian P Aotkins

Landscaping  & Aquascaping  Specialist

Being a New Zealander where natural waterfalls, rivers and lakes birthed his love for nature. Over time, Adrian has expressed himself through creating something that is both artistic and replicates nature. This includes building ponds, waterfalls and landscaping