Take time out and recuperate, listening to the calming sounds of water right in your own backyard. Natural Waterfalls and Landscaping offers custom water feature design and pond installation services in Qatar. We work hard to make each one of our customers happy. Our exceptional customer service is our trademark, and we look forward to being of service to you. 

Our pond specialists will meet with you to discuss the pond you envision. Here are some we’ve built:

  • Pond Waterfalls
  • Pondless waterfalls
  • Pathway ponds
  • Koi Ponds

Once the pond is constructed based on your requirements, we will fill the pond and treat the water so that it will support plant life. We will also recommend attractive plants and grass that work well with Qatar’s climate.

In addition, we can help you with selecting and placing decorative stones, aerators, filters, skimmers, and lights.

What goes into constructing your pond

Pond Design:

Designing a pond that enhances the beauty of your backyard, your garden, and your home is what we do 

We offer the following services to help you in figuring out the cost of your water garden pond construction, pondless waterfall construction & other water feature construction projects.

  • On-Line Construction Estimates
  • On-Site Consultation, Design & Construction Quote
  • DO-IT-YOURSELF On-Site Materials Consultation & Design Quote

To provide an estimate, we might require

  • Photos from ALL angles of the area where you would like the water feature
  • Dimensions of the area where the pond would be built
  • A photo from inside the home facing the area where the pond will be built
  • The type of pond you would like (Pond waterfall, pondless waterfall, stream, fountain)

Your pond will help you create a space to enjoy and create wonderful memories with family and friends for many years to come.

Pond Installation:

We ensure careful attention to detail is given before, during, and after your pond installation.

If you are considering pond installation, you have found the right company! At Natural Waterfalls and Landscaping, we offer construction and conversions of many different water features, ponds, fountains, and more.

We also provide service after the water feature construction project is completed. We offer professional services from consulting to total “turn-key” installation along with great do-it-yourself assistance if you want to tackle pond installation at your home or office on your own.

Every pond installation is approached with a new approach and creativity to make it unique. We scrutinize every possible combination of pond installation designs before making any recommendations to you.

We put together your vision with our imagination and industry-leading expertise to achieve the water feature for your home that will make you unique and a perfect place to retreat.

We also offer a large variety of pond filters and pond supplies, as well as pond building, pond construction, and pond installation services. We look forward to helping you create memories with family, friends, and other loved ones!


  • The maintenance required is directly affected by the pond’s placement in your yard, the overall design, and the type of filtration equipment used. The better the filtration equipment, the less maintenance will be required.
  • We service the aeration and filtration pumps and provide annual pond cleanings, and will recommend replacement of plants if and when required.
  • we also offer those services with a custom schedule that best fits your type of pond or water feature and other factors.
  • We’ll also alert you to any modifications that might prove useful for making your water feature less maintenance-intensive
Contact us today to discuss your pond ideas!